about me

Hey there! My name is Zelle. (Rhymes with Belle from Beauty and the Beast) It’s just me, myshelf, and I here on my blog. (Pun, anyone? Hah.) I created this blog as an extension of my bookstagram account, fragilemyths, so that I could talk books, fictional boyfriends, BTS, traveling, and everything in between!

I have a weakness for:

  • groan-inducing puns
  • nutty peanut butter
  • steaming mugs of green tea
  • soft classical music
  • matcha ice cream
  • rainy days
  • traveling
  • languages and cultures
  • people who buy me books
  • the bangtan boys
  • kdrama (당신이 잠든 사이에 while you were sleeping + 도깨비goblin are my favourites)
  • trying to learn everything
  • snarky characters
  • Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice

Feel free to ask me questions, email me at fragilemyths@gmail.com, or send me a friendvite on goodreads!