about me

hi there.

I’m Zelle, the face and content creator behind fragilemyths. I created this blog as an extension of my #bookstagram account, so that I could write more and talk books, fictional characters, traveling, my life, and everything in between.

Currently, I’m studying bioengineering + German at the University of California, Berkeley. I skate for Cal Figure Skating and design for Caliber Magazine. If I’m not running this blog, browsing memes, or at the 1951 Coffee Company, you can probably find me in my room sleeping or snacking on banana chips.

I have a weakness for:

  • groan-inducing puns
  • nutty peanut butter
  • steaming mugs of green tea
  • traveling
  • languages and cultures
  • people who buy me books
  • the bangtan boys
  • a dry sense of humor
  • trying to learn everything
  • snarky characters
  • Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice

Feel free to ask me questions, email me at fragilemyths@gmail.com, or send me a friendvite on goodreads!

love, zelle