first post!

hello, my fellow book lovers! welcome to my blog. i’m still quite new at this, so bear with me. i decided to create this blog because i wanted the experience as well as a way to expand what i say on bookstagram. often times, i feel that a long caption is much too overwhelming on a site that’s supposedly picture-based. plus, most people don’t read it all the way through, and a caption is meant to be a short description anyway.

i sincerely hope that i will be able to interact with more people and be able to post full-length reviews here. please take the time to browse around and read my “about me” page as well as some of my other pages (they don’t have much yet, but they will soon!) i’d love it if you would leave comments and suggestions as to what i can improve on. i really want to know what you all think! thanks so much for dropping by. have a lovely week!

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