20 bookish facts about me

hi everyone! i just thought i’d do an introductory post to let you know more about me. i was inspired by my friend @rachaelrexds’ post on her blog (by the way you should totally follow her here because she is just so amazing and down-to-earth!) so without further ado…

  1. i have a kindle but it hardly ever gets used.
  2. that’s because i prefer physical books over ebooks. it probably has something to do about having a physical book in hand to read and turn pages.
  3. i LOVE hardcovers!!!! though paperbacks are lighter, the corners are too easily damaged, especially if i put them in my book bag or backpack.
  4. i only highlight things in my books if it’s assigned reading material in school. this is kind of unrelated, but i think it’s sad when people don’t read the books assigned in class; most just use sparknotes to substitute actual reading.
  5. my most-read genres are ya and fantasy, but i like reading a variety of material, from classics to poetry to historical fiction.
  6. i have an amazing bookish pen pal from switzerland!
  7. it bothers me soooo much when i have half a series in hardcover and the other half in paperback…
  8. some of my favourite childhood series include: HARRY POTTER (go Ravenclaw!), Geronimo Stilton, Magic Tree House, Anne of Green Gables, and the Percy Jackson series! (i’m sure i’m missing so much more)
  9. i’m not a big fan of the hunger games.
  10. shameless self promotion here but i run a ‘bookstagram’ account! what better way to combine my passion for photography with my love of books?! i love the bookish community so much; i feel like i’ve finally found my place in the world. no one judges me for being a bookworm, ahhh. *insert heart emojis* follow me @fragilemyths if you wish!
  11. my favourite book this year (so far, at least) is sarah j. maas’ a court of mist and fury.
  12. BECAUSE RHYSAND. enough said.
  13. my fictional boyfriends include rhysand, augustus waters, noah shaw, mr. darcy, kaidan rowe, and will herondale.
  14. i have the most unhealthy obsession with bookish jewelry. my favourite shop is authored adornments. you can find julie’s shop on etsy, or simply click here and shop to your heart’s content. by the way, she’s offering a 20% discount with the code ‘INSTAGRAM 20’ from now through saturday, august 20!
  15. to get out of a reading slump, i usually browse instagram or goodreads, chatting with friends. they always recommend great reads that pull me out of a slump. oh, and i listen to andre rieu (he’s a violinist) and ketelbey’s (he’s a british composer) light music works on repeat.
  16. my first funko was albus dumbledore!
  17. some of my bookish pet peeves (besides mismatched series) include: insta-love, whiny heroines who can’t seem to grow a brain or function without their love interest(s), dog-eared pages, and overused tropes.
  18. no book has ever made me cry, though second chance summer by morgan matson came very close.
  19. my parents are super supportive of my book obsession! they taught me to read when i was really young, and they love having an avid reader in the house (i hope)
  20. my mom took me to different libraries twice a week when i was small, and i’d always check out roughly around 20-3o books that stacked up to be taller than i was! #shortgirlproblems

and that’s it! thanks so much for stopping by. leave any questions or comments below! have a lovely day, and see you in my next post!!!

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