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Hey bookish people!

I know I haven’t exactly been diligent with blogging and posting lately. Sorry about that! A few things have happened since I last published a new post:

  1. FINALs are FINAL-ly over! (I admit, that was weak.) This means no more cramming for tests and stressing over grades that are living on the edge and perilously close to plunging over the wrong end of the grading cliff.
  2. I completed my Goodreads challenge of reading 100 books this year. I went from being 12 books ahead during the summer to 5 books behind once school started again for the fall semester. But somehow, I managed to catch up and finish my goal! If you really love something, you’ll always find time for it right?
  3. I’m on Christmas break! Which means: a) more time for reading + blogging and b) less time to finish the college applications I still haven’t submitted.
  4. I played in a winter orchestra concert as the principal violinist. We played Mozart’s Symphony No. 38 and Corelli’s Christmas Concerto, as well as a handful of traditional Christmas songs, such as Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and Sleigh Ride.
  5. I finally watched Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. Asa Butterfield. That. is. all. (Did it bother anyone that it was so different from the books? And that Olive’s and Emma’s peculiarities were switched?)
  6. I found out Zayn and Taylor Swift did a collab for Fifty Shades Darker (no, I haven’t read the books or watched the movie and I don’t think I ever will do either of those things). But their new song, I Don’t Wanna Live Forever, is so addicting! Which is totally weird because I usually don’t like pop music.

I don’t like making excuses for myself, but the main reason why I wasn’t able to post at least once last week was because I was drowning in school and finals and the dreaded, unfinished college applications. Hopefully, I’ll muster up the motivation to polish off the last couple of college apps that I have and get back to posting more regularly!

So, how’s your life? Did I miss anything interesting while I was gone?

5 thoughts on “life update

  1. Hey! I’m Bella!

    Finally I have found someone else who was annoyed at the fact Emma and Olive’s peculiarities were swapped! That’s the one thing that annoyed me! 😹 but it is still a great book and movie series despite!

    And as for how my life is… bahah well, that is a great question actually! I am now on Christmas break too, except because of the fact I live in Australia, we have a 6 week break and it’s summer…. ugh the heat is too much! Anyway it’s my birthday in like 19 days and I am so pumped! I’ll finally be 14! (Sorry this email will probably sound really weird but I have autism and express my thoughts is kinda an awkward thing for me hahahah) but I recently entered a short story competition and was a finalist and my short story will be published in a book with the other finalists stories! That is a plus for me right now! Yea coz school was really overwhelming and my depression and anxiety was a bit more severe coming into the end of grade 8…

    Yea but I love you newsletters so much and they are just so cool!

    Bella xx

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    1. hi bella!
      yeah, I was like wait what? NOOOOO NOT LIKE THIS! and I even went back to frantically flip through the pages of the first book just to make sure I wasn’t imagining things.

      despite the summer heat in Aus, I hope you’re having an amazing Christmas break and happy early birthday! don’t worry about being awkward, just express yourself in your own unique way.

      and congratulations, you’re on your way to being a published author! I honestly think that’s more than i accomplished when I was your age hahhaha; you should definitely be really proud of yourself!
      thanks for your compliments, they totally made my day. and don’t let the bad days win. EVER. always remember to be strong!


  2. Hi! I like your blog a lot.
    I hate the changes on Miss Peregrine’s movie too, I was like :O it was a very big change and I’m sure there is a lot of readers who hate it too.
    Well, as you want know about my life here I come: I recently started a blog about book reviews and I’m pretty excited about it! Yay!! It is called Anxious Booklover. I started writing too, because I stopped for a long time due to my depression and anxiety, but I’m taking meds now, everything is under control… So I have new projects coming up! 🙂


    1. hi there! thank you so much!! i didn’t like the changes to Miss Peregrine’s, but i must admit, the special effects were seriously amazing.

      I’m so glad to hear that you’re getting better. Don’t ever let the bad days win, ya hear me? I hope you’re having fun writing for your new blog.

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